Linking JIRA with Github commits?

Is there any reason why JIRA isn’t linked up with github so you can see all commits linked to issues?

So far as I know, it is. I see linked commits all the time in JIRA. Perhaps its a permission setting? (I’m an admin in the Lucee JIRA)

Here’s an example:
I see on the right hand side “2 Commits”. Does that show up for you?

Nup, i think the default jira configuration is a bit strict?

Can this be changed so any logged in users can see commit info?

@Zackster Sorry, this fell off my radar. Can you try that link above and see if the Git commits show up for you? I modified the permissions for “developer tools” in JRA to be granted to “anyone”.

great, its working fine! thanks @bdw429s

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