javaSettings.loadColdFusionClassPath: does it do anything?

Hi All,

As of Lucee final, it seems to me that loadColdFusionClassPath
either does nothing or (more likely) I have no understanding of what it is
supposed to do.

My understanding is that setting this to false is supposed to make jar
files in the core lucee lib directory unavailable to
createObject(“java”,…). However, a quick test shows that createObject
can instantiate any class in any of those jars, regardless of the value of

A slightly less quick test shows that Mark Mandel’s JavaLoader, from which
the inspiration for this setting was surely taken, behaves exactly as
expected. The core lib jars are only available if loadColdFusionClassPath
is set to true.

An even less quick perusal of the Lucee4 git repo failed to show up
anywhere in the code where the setting is even referenced.

So - does it do anything at all?