Java 11

I’ve been hearing a bit of negative feedback about Oracle and Java 11 recently. This article, for example:

It’s also interesting to note that Oracle’s OpenJDK build is only available in 64-bit:

Just thought it was interesting and noteworthy. Wouldn’t mind hearing other’s thoughts.

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I just posted about the same on the other similar thread here:

I felt much better about investing in Java after watching the leaders of Java talk directly about it. I highly recommend watching them talk about Java:

The leader of the JVM spoke recently in such clarity:

I really liked this one, because it explains why Java’s slower pace is the way it is. They really work hard on readability and compatibility, instead of running towards new features and making the language too complex to understand.

I suppose one could argue Java could develop new features faster and be ahead. The 6 month cadence and new approach to selling Java will probably help to make Java seem more relevant then ever since they are certainly not giving up on it and we’ll get new things much faster then 3+ years now.