IsDebugMode function

In Lucee this function is only related to the setting in admin and ignores the setting from cfsetting-showdebugoutput in contrary to ACF, The CFML dialect should handle this the same way as acf and the Lucee dialect should replace it with a more clear implementation.

Agree with this. In my view the CFML dialect should always handle things in the same way as ACF and changes in behaviour, to make things better, should be in the Lucee dialect.

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i disagree if the orignal behaviour nobody is helping, like for example “passing arrays by value”.
i know that transfer was using that “feature” and because of that we added support for the argument “passby” to the argument scope. So there is a way around it that even work for ACF, for ACF this is pure meta info with no functionality.
So when it comes to “pass arrays by value”


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I would much prefer it if the Lucee dialect would have the function name a little different, e.g. IsDebugEnabled()

I find it very confusing to have the two dialects with the same function name but with different behavior.

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that’s for sure…