isDate on Lucee 4.5

I am running into a major performance issue with isDate() on lucee 4.5. Since the isDate is set to synchronized, we back up waiting for that function as part of Taffy rest response. In Lucee 5, it has been removed. While we would like to upgrade to a more recent version, it is something we cannot get to until next year. Any changes that could be changed?


You might be able to engage someone like Rasia (see @Gert) and pay for a patch to the Lucee 4.5 code base.

Lucee 4.5 is at it’s end. It only receives security patches at this time… and even that will stop soon.

Your best option would be to lobby to increase the priority of the upgrade.

We definitely can help out here. Just send me an email to and we can continue the conv.


Thanks! Email incoming.

you could replace isDate on that server with your own function at overrides the built in isDate function?