Is there a way to check the windows filesystem directory existence from linux lucee environment

I am migrating application from coldfusion(windows) to lucee(ubuntu).
In the current windows environment, the application is in windows and verifying the directory availability say “\asfs001\dir1\subdir1\subdir2” with “DirectoryExists” or “Evaluate” methods. But it is not working in Lucee(ubuntu). May be it is checking in the local machine itself which wouldn’t be there.
The problem here is, As this is a shared path, we cannot convert this file share to linux support form like NFS.
Can someone suggest a better approach to overcome this.

Any help is much appreciated!!!


I don’t understand what the question is there. Are you asking how to tell if a file exists or are you asking how to mount external file systems into Ubuntu so they can be accessed?

I’m not aware of any method to check the file system using evaluate(). Can you clarify by showing some code where so we understand what you’re talking about?