Is Lucee the last one for version 4?


Also, will Lucee provide the EOL schedule like this?

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Is Lucee the last one for version 4?

Probably yes, unless some major security vuln comes up. After a new major version, the previous major version usually only sees updates until the new major version has had a couple minor releases. At that point, the expectation is that people will have upgraded. (Lucee 5.3 is rounding the corner too)

Also, will Lucee provide the EOL schedule like this?

We probably should :slight_smile: @IamSigmund can you make a note of this?

Free open source software doesn’t usually have as long of timeframe for updating old versions. Unlike expensive commercial software, updates are smaller and come on a regular basis so there’s much less effort in keeping current. For that reason, new features are not generally backported at all and bug fixes may only get merged into the previous couple versions unless they’re are important security fixes. To be honest, we usually play it more by ear, but we’re always open to questions about a specific bug or fix you’re interested in.

Now, that said I haven’t covered the topic of support. If you’re more less just wanting to have a warm fuzzy feeling for your corporate boss that Lucee isn’t going to leave you in the weeds then that’s understandable as well. You can procure professional support from the LAS member companies like Rasia for pretty much any version you like. If you are willing to pay for fixes or features we are willing to work with you. You can also get a support plan if your company wants to have guaranteed responses to any issues you encounter. I know that Ortus and Rasia both offer those. (Rasia is Gert’s company that Micha also works with, so you’re directly hiring the brains behind the software!)


Thanks for the heads-up, @bdw429s. I’ve flagged it. And @Allen_Weng, yes, we’ll be publishing EOL plans like that in 2018. I suspect we’ll be ready to tackle EOL for Lucee by around mid-year, give or take. 4.5 is already in urgent-patching-only status. Holler with any questions/comments.


Thank you both!


I suspect we’ll be ready to tackle EOL for Lucee

You meant Lucee 4.5 in general, right?


Hey Jamie. No, I meant the very latest production release of 4.5. That’s likely all we’ll have resources to support, especially with all of the 5.x development activity in the last 1.5 years (ish). More on this topic a bit later this year.