Is it correct to omit quotes for cfproperty attribute values

Could you help with an answer to a cfproperty question.
The following line works without any problem in Adobe ColdFusion and in Lucee:

property name="id" column="id" type=numeric ormtype=integer fieldtype=id;

However, according to the Lucee cfproperty documentation, that should be:

property name="id" column="id" type="numeric" ormtype="integer" fieldtype="id";

So my question is, is the first line correct, hence free of side-effects?
I cannot find any documentation about it.

if it works, it works!

both produce exactly the same byte code, but I would totally avoid that code style as it can be confusing

Thanks, @Zackster .
Nice to know.

Funny you should mention the word “confusing”. I had wondered whether mixing the strings with the non-strings might throw some confusion into the interaction between Lucee and Hibernate.

you can always just decompile the classes in cfclasses to see if syntax makes any difference to the generated bytecode

Ah! Thanks for the tip, @Zackster .