Important notice: Do NOT update to if you are using ORM!

Please see this issue ticket:

This issue caused us very much trouble and in my opinion version should not be distributed any longer!

First, I’m very sorry to hear of your troubles… it always sucks when an update breaks something important to your operations.

That said, however, one should never have auto-updates on for production servers. There is always a chance (and a good chance with FOSS software) that an update will incidentally break things. All the tests in the world won’t catch every use case, even when it seems like it should.

Your best bet is to turn auto-updates off on production servers and leave it on for development and/or test servers, depending on your environment, so you can catch these issues in development or test before breaking a production site.

If everything keeps working on dev and test as expected, then manually update to that patch level on production.

Again, sorry to hear this caused you some headaches this time around, but I hope my advice helps for the future!

– Denny