Implement iteration/collection methods for strings

I just raised this: Implement iteration/collection methods for strings. This was off the back of Igal mentioning a desire to be able to treat a string as a collection of characters during the for(element in list) discussion on the main Lucee forum.

The content of the ticket states (somewhat tersely):

IE: String.each(),, String.reduce() (and sort(), filter(), some(), every(), the whole lot) which treat the string as a collection of characters.

I just thought I’d mention it here too by way of trying to liven the place up.


Looks to me like these have been implemented. They certainly need documenting and thorough testing though (I don’t have time right now to go through them all thoroughly). Example:

Use Lucee 4.5/5 engine, naturally.

Oh dear.

Yeah, it looks like they’ve been implemented for lists. EG: you’ve specified a space delimiter there, so it treats “my string” as a two-element list. What it should be doing is treating it like a nine character string.

If a method is supposed to treat the string as a list, then the method should mention “list” in its name. Otherwise it should be considered a string method, without imparting any special handling of the string (eg: it’s a delimited list).

We went round the houses on this same issue with CF, so it might be worth taking as a starting point for possibly “fixing” this.

I’ll raise a ticket equivalent to that one for you guys…