Image.paste() looks terrible

I’m trying to put two images together, one on top of the other and the results are less than ideal. I’ve tried different images and they all look pretty bad. Did I miss something? Site:

mockup = imageRead( '' );
design = imageRead( '' );

Could use any pointers thanks!

@Alis Please mention which version of the lucee and image extension you are using. And also what issue are you facing. Then only, we can find the exact issue

Server is Lucee Not sure what you mean by extension but I’m using the code from the lucee docs:

There are no errors. It looks terrible. It seems to strip colors and only returns a muddy picture. If you go to the link you can see what I mean.


@Alis, Could you please share that picture here? I mean, what you got.

Didn’t think of that…

So when I went to past the images I noticed a transparency. It seems to have made some of the colors in the design transparent…?


resizing images with text is always going to be ugly due to rasterization

try writing the text onto image directly?