Image Loading Issue

I recently got a new Windows 2016 machine and Lucee. Transferring all my clients e-Commerce sites from Windows 2008 CF9. I am having an issue with all images downloading to the browser. The images are a bit to large, client not following directions, BUT this was not an issue with the old machine. If you go to for the first time many of the option images do not load/transfer but the page has stop loading. They are all there, refresh a few times and they appear use CNTRL F5 and they disappear again randomly. I have spent 2 days looking through Google searches, and getting no where. Any suggestions are welcome as this clients had over 1200 options uploaded and having them redo them to make proper thumbs is not an option. I figure it has to be a Lucee or Windows setting that I am missing.

I’m seeing lots of 403 denied in dev tools, does your cfml code ever return 403s, otherwise it’s
probably a web server issue?

Odd as there is no user restrictions on this page or its resources. Not sure where you saw the 403s but if you can point them I out I would love to address that issue. I think it is a server or Lucee admin setting as this is not the only page or site with this loading issue and I don’t htink it was an issue on CF9/Windows 2008. But thanks for looking at it. .