I cant navigate in in lucee admin server to set datasource

Hi, I new in lucee. I just install it in my windows serve 2016 with IIS connector. It seems the administrator panal working not fine. I will force to log out if i navigate to other then overview…

here is the video of the problem:

Seems like the session is getting lost. Does it happen only when clicking on the datasource???

from the video, this is happening with, java 181

please always state version numbers when reporting problems

Yeah, looks like you losing your session for some reason. Silly question, but does it work in another browser besides IE - like Firefox or Brave?

You shouldn’t have to use a different browser, but it would identify where the problem is.

Any update on this issue? I am seeing the same problem. I am running on Amazon Linux 2 with the latest Corretto 8 + Lucee is

I never have no such issue on Amazon Linux (NOT 2) with Java 8 (Lucee 5.2, not 5.3).

Tried Firefox and Chrome.

Thanks a lot!

Anything odd in the tomcat or context specific logs?

it’s involved, but I would use the browser development tools to make sure your session cookies are getting passed properly. Maybe there’s some kind of proxy getting in the way?