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Oh, awesome – I will take a look. In reality, I know very little about Java and how it works. I just know that I get to use it sometimes in ColdFusion :smiley:

Using the lucee bundles directory is for me the best thing since sliced bread!
Being able to drop a jar into bundles/ and leverage the power of java opens up enormous potential.
I use it to access AWS sdk - primarily s3 version 4 to create signed urls to enable client uploads and file access. The AWS sdk even enables starting and stopping a server instance from lucee!
Also managing/creating encryption keys from AWS parameter store - all from Lucee.
Another jar I use is thumbnailator-0.4.11.jar this enables image resizing using lucee.
I personally think that Lucee should do more to promote integrating java, it opens up a whole new world!

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@bennadel I remember reading a very old post on your site about getPageContext(), which is usually the primary entry point for getting references to Java objects in memory.

Oh yeah, I remember that post as well. It was always “half finished” cause the PageContext was so massive. I never really developed a good mental model for it all.

@bennadel you might find this interesting:

Your CFML Engine is a Java Servlet

p.s. I can never get previews of links generated here. Then @modius comes and does some magic afterwards to generate them…


It’s all about leaving the URL on its own and not making it a link… but alas it looks like the one-box caper won’t work for links.

I tried that at first, of course. After that didn’t work I tried to make a nicer link with text. Anyway, thanks for trying.

@isapir, thank you very much for that blog post about servlet technology. I’ve digged Lucees Source Code a lot in the past, tried to understand how it runs and works and I always look into the code when Zac posts comments here in the forum, citing some cfml/java code from Lucees github repository. That have always been interesting to me.

I’ve seen some books about java before, lots of “” and lots of OOP examples. However, when it comes to find out how an enterprise java servlet software like Lucee starts to run inside tomcat, how to find its entry points, see how it extends on top of the java libaries and understand how everything is wired up together, I feel pretty much like a 4 year old boy lost in the middle of an international airport in a foreign country :smiley: I’ll definitely look more into all that stuff you’ve posted as soon as I get some time. Thanks for posting and sharing.


@andreas I often say that “Wizard Installers are the root of all evil”, and that’s mostly because they hide a lot of useful information. You might find this tutorial that I made useful, as it shows how to manually set up Lucee in Tomcat:

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