How to stop phantom task?

under Lucee i created a daily scheduled task with cfshedule tag.

Several attempts later, i note TWO executions of my task every day :

  • At 3:30AM : the good one (listed in Lucee web admin and in scheduler.xml)
  • At 4:09PM : The “phantom”, listed nowhere (even with instruction like : schedule action=“list”)

How can i stop these last performing ?

and there’s nothing in the server admin?

you could try increasing the log level for the schedule.log,

a lot more logging has been added to help diagnose such problems

Only “Tasks” in Server Admin => list is empty.

I’ve just switched level for scheduler.log from “ERROR” to “DEBUG”, i’ll see this afternoon…

I also updated and restarted Lucee this morning

I understood !

It’s a CONTEXT problem (a new “concept” for me, i come from ACF)

The WEB ADMIN panel list the task registred in:
(task at 3:30AM)

The second execution (task at 4:09PM) comes from:
This place is a shared web context for multi-sites, especially created by our administrator.