How to set permissions for graph.cfm

Hi. Stupid newbie question. Using Lucee 5 on IIS. I set the permission in IIS for the /lucee virtual directory to require authentication, but any cfchart doesn’t work unless I am logged in. If I remove the /lucee restriction, cfchart works. CFCHart needs /lucee/graph.cfm to be reachable by any user… But I do not see a way to lock down the lucee admin and allow access to the graph.cfm?
My instinct says set up a virtual folder lucee/admin and lock that down and leave /lucee unprotected, but I am not sure enough to risk mistakes:)

I added an admin directory under the /lucee directory, set the lucee directory permissions to anyone, and the admin director to my admin… and it works correctly - can’t get to the admin page without logging in and everyone can see graphs. Is there any other subdirectory that needs to be protected?