How to make coldbox run the "simpleblog" sample app?

So, @bdw429s @andreas

  1. I’ve downloaded coldbox and commandbox and put it under my windows 10 “Downloads” folder;
    coldbox server runs fine, its “tests”/runner.cfm runs file.

  2. The Lucee server is installed in another folder, c:\lucee5

  3. Downloaded applications/simpleblog (coldbox sample app
    by Henrik Joreteg
    Revised by Luis Majano
    Re-revised by Brad Wood

  4. Created a db under MS SQL Server and set up a datasource named “simpleblog” under Lucee installation.

Now, how do I run coldbox for this simpleblog app?

Which section(s) of coldbox book discussed this thing?


I can’t follow… are you running your coldbox application with Lucee Tomcat, or with CommandBox? Another question: How did you get simpleblog? As far as I know these are deprecated.

Well, I"ve coldbox installed in one place/folder,

Lucee installed in another.

The “simpleblog” coldbox sample app fetched from github . I don‘t care where to place it as long as after some configuration updating it works.

Where excactly from github? Any link??? On I see an empty SimpleBlog repository and an DEPRECATED coldbox-sample repository. I guess it’s not supported anymore. Can’t tell.

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Ok. Since we had a hard time getting some sample app that has real world value for coldbox, let’s try something that may have similar value, this one,

  1. Downloaded, mysql sql converted into mssql and the db is created on local ms sql server with user name.

2a) commandbox is started with “box” command issued,
2b) new directory named “myApp” and go to that dir with “mkdir myApp --cd” commands
2c) coldbox is installed for it with “install coldbox” command
2d) a new app is created with “coldbox create app cb1” command
optional: dir command to see what have been created…
optional: pwd command to see where we are, mine = C:\Users\myname\Downloads\commandbox-win-5.1.1\myapp\

2e) HERE, my idea is to retrofit the downloaded “car” sample app code here, thus, I copied over all its folders here at C:\Users\myname\Downloads\commandbox-win-5.1.1\myapp
and redefined its datasource(s) at ./config/coldbox.cfc

Problems: it inevitably replaces default folders created by coldfox thus creating mismatches…
Question, what would be an efficient way to try out this sample app with coldbox?