How to disable/stop a bundle?

I am using openPDF and I notice that Lucee is bundled with itext-2.1.7, a very similar code base because openPDF was forked from an earlier version of itext.
To ensure I am using the correct code I’d like to switch off itext. I don’t want to delete as I may use it in future.
Looking in the Administrator (lucee/admin/server.cfm?action=info.bundle) I can’t see any way of doing this, it shows me “active” (in green) or “not loaded” (red) or “resolved” (yellow).

Also if I could disable it, how can I re-enable it?

Using Lucee

@Andrew2, We can’t able to disable the jars in the admin info-bundle.


pretty sure in 5.3 (??) such libraries are loaded via an OSGI bundle, so you can use your own version and it shouldn’t conflict

Thanks Zac, you’re right!
I managed to create a bundle by combining the jars I needed using Maven (without trying to make a OSGI bundle - I tried and couldn’t get it to work).
Following Brad Wood’s method:,
I edited the and added the Bundle name, symbolic-name, description and version, then dropped the jar into lucee’s bundles folder.
Lucee immediately showed it in admin and as soon as I called it the state turned to active.

The other re-assuring aspect of using a bundle is if you cfdump a class besides showing the class, method and constructors it also shows the bundle info - id, symbolic-name, version and location.
To dump a class:

<cfdump var = "#(CreateObject('java', '#className#', '#BundleName#', '#BundleVersion#')#">

Very exciting as you can create different bundle versions and not worry about conflicts!

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