How do I make Lucee use a new Jar file?

Hi all.

I am running an old(ish) version of Lucee and I’m trying to upgrade it. The Administrator says…

Version [] can not be updated from within the Lucee Administrator. Please update Lucee by replacing the lucee.jar, which can be downloaded from []

Which is fine. I have downloaded lucee- and put it in /opt/lucee/lib

How do I tell Lucee to use the new Jar file? I don’t want to just overwrite the old one as it is called lucee- and I don’t want the 5.3.2 version in a file called 5.0.0 as that could create confusion later on.

If I recall correctly, you just need to stop the Lucee service, place the JAR in the lib directory and start Lucee back up. Lucee will detect the newer JAR and load it in. No need to overwrite existing files or rename new ones. If that doesn’t work, then just move out of that directory and place the new one and start Lucee up.

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Just putting it in the directory and removing the old one worked, it took ages to start up and I thought it had failed but it came up eventually.


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