How can I sponsoring some bug fixes?

My company would like to sponsor a few bug fixes. We’ve actually developed pull requests for the bug fixes, we’re just trying to get them released a Lucee 5 release.

The issues are:

When using the MSSQL driver exceptions are ignored

CFQuery value defined in name attribute is not returned when result is used

There’s one other issue we haven’t supplied a pull request for that we want resolved as well:

The cf_sql_sqlxml cfqueryparam type does not work in SQL Server with either JTDS or MSSQL driver

Any thoughts?

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@Gert @Gert_Franz1

Hey @dswitzer,

You can contact me directly at gert (at)
We do these kinds of bugfixes and are happy to help :slight_smile:




Thanks for responding. I sent you an email yesterday (same subject as this thread). Let me know if you did not get it.