Hiding non-releases in extensions

I have been using ColdFusion since version 3.0, but am very new to Lucee.

I am wondering if it is possible to hide the non release versions of extensions. The reason I ask, is I see the message that my extensions have updates but the only new updates listed are not the release version. For example I have version of EHCACHE (latest release) installed but it says there is an update, there is a newer snapshot but no newer Release versions listed.

This is ok for my dev environment where I may try out pre release or snapshot versions, but I don’t want to cause confusion on production and accidentally have it ‘updated’ to a version that may or may not be stable.

I am using Windows Server 2019 and just installed Lucee today with the most recent installer on the website ( I then used the admin to update to

Thank You

the versioning of extensions is pretty meh.

generally speaking the snapshot is the most stable release (least buggy)