Hello World from Degnan Co

I have been a ColdFusion coder since the beginning of the language. Back in the mid 1990s I used to drive up to Allaire in Boston to ask a lot of questions just to meet whomever it was that wrote the language, ask about functions and weird variable names, etc.

I was recently in Switzerland coincidentally home of Lucee as well…I am so glad to see Lucee and I hope to be able to contribute where I can.

This is my first production Lucee server, I have always used Adobe thus far, but not all of my customers want to pay so much for Adobe ColdFusion and I love the open source approach.

I installed and implemented the latest version of Lucee without mush issue. Regarding scheduled tasks on a Windows 2019 server, I learned that for every hosting account one has to set the associated scheduled tasks from that domain, not the local server. It might be useful someday to have within the main “localhost” lucee admin a scheduled task manager that can reach out to all domains so that one can simply associate the given tasks to that domain, to manage them all in once place that way.

In my case, once I learned the way Lucee does it I simply copied the already completed localhost scheduler.xml file to each [domain]/WEB-INF/lucee/scheduler/ directory and then from the admin of each of these, I deleted the tasks that did not pertain to the domain. I had to reboot a few times before they were seen within the admin panel.

Over the next few weeks I will work to hunt out any functions that differ between Adobe 2016 CF and Lucee that effect my customer’s code. I am migrating a huge and complicated server full of thousands of lines of CF code, but so far the only issue I have had is with file attachments. It may not be a Lucee issue anyway, not sure yet. If I run into anything that might be a useful solution I will try to report my findings and suggestions.

For now…that’s it.