Hacking/Debugging Lucee Core (and Dealing with Debugging Timeout)

I’m trying to solve the mysteries of Hibernate extension instantiation in Lucee ( Please Explain Hibernate/ORM Installation / Initialization Internals ), which is what brings me to this point.

What’s the officially-endorsed way to hack Lucee (e.g., in Eclipse)? Surprisingly, I don’t see any such topic officially documented anywhere. (Either that, or I missed it.)

Here’s what I cobbled together:


  • Is this the official way to debug?
  • If so, the debug project really needs a README.md
  • This also really needs official documentation. I’d be happy to provide it, but please tell me where it should go.
  • How do you prevent the org.eclipse.jdi.TimeoutException: Timeout occurred while waiting for packet NNNN. occurred creating step request timeout? @isapir identified/solved the problem here, but didn’t seem to leave enough detail to replicate the workaround.
  • Does anybody else have a problem accessing http://localhost:8080/lucee/admin/server.cfm?action=ext.applications ? I get this.
  • What/why are all the hardcoded references to someone’s home directory (@micstriit’s?) in code? (/Users/mic/...)


@Jamie_Jackson my only solution was to disable the “controller thread”, which is a background process that runs every 5 seconds, so I added a System property for that. Add the following to your JVM args:




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Hi Jamie, just seen this as I was looking to do the same. A great place for an official guide would be under here in the docs:

Best way to create a new page in there would be to fork and clone https://github.com/lucee/lucee-docs/, then add a file at: /docs/04.guides/05.working-with-source/05.debugging-lucee/page.md

You can run the server locally with ./serve.sh or ./serve.bat and full guide to how the docs are formatted, etc. can be found here: https://docs.lucee.org/docs/content.html