Google Groups Migration

LAS is merging the Lucee Google Group and Lucee Lang forum into a single entity called “Lucee Dev”.

All Google Group threads (since inception to the beginning of last week) have been fully imported to the new forum and are available at:

A final migration of threads will be done just after the Google Group is set to a READ ONLY mode to complete the migration next weekend.

As part of the migration, all users who had posted on the Google Group have been created in Lucee Dev with the same email address.

As such, all users that previously used Google Groups should use:

  • the Password Recovery feature when logging in for the first time, this allows them to take ownership of that already-created account, or;
  • 3rd party oAuth account that has the same email address attached to the profile (we support Google, Twitter & Github)

Users who have used multiple email addresses in the Google Group will have more than one user account on Lucee Dev. We can help merge these on a case by case basis. We understand not all users will want to merge. Contact @modius via Private Message (PM) to flag accounts for merging.

All person mentions (by email address) in the Google Group have been converted to @mentions in Lucee Dev automatically.

Anyone who used the same email address in Google Groups and Lucee Dev and already had an account with that email address in the Lucee Lang forum should simply get a seamless addition of those posts to their existing user’s activity. Neat.

Lucee Dev has a number of awesome mailing list features that can be activated if you hate web forums and only want to work with your mail client. We’ve put together a “cheat sheet” to get you off and running:

We’re happy to field questions about the migration either here or in private via @modius

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It’s too bad you guys decided to go with :minidisc: :horse: instead of something usable like :no_entry: :baby: (nodeBB)

and I’m sure if it had been then somebody would have said the same about nodeBB asking for Discourse… swings and roundabouts… :slight_smile:

Yea, but at least the nodeBB devs are willing to work with you when you have issues, Jeff, no so much.

Although to be fair, nodeBB is not a silver bullet either.

HTTPS :slight_smile:

(random junk here to allow me to post because of weird unhelpful complete sentence popup)