Getting started with Lucee Newbie

Hi team,
I am new to lucce. We are planning to migrate our application from coldfusion 8 to Lucce.
Can you help here with the below:

  1. Which version is the stable/customer version of Lucce
  2. Which platform do you recommend to use for Lucce migration (Windows/Linux/Ubuntu)
  3. Process to be followed to achieve the migration. Installation, Environment set-up, Migration of code base etc…,
    Thanks & Regards,

I am new to lucce.


Which version is the stable/customer version of Lucce


Which platform do you recommend to use for Lucce migration

Whichever you prefer. Generally speaking, if it runs Java, it runs Lucee.

Process to be followed to achieve the migration. Installation, Environment set-up, Migration of code base etc…,

That’s sort of a big question, but I’d start here with our list of known incompatibility with Adobe ColdFusion.

A lot of those features and tags probably didn’t exist in CF8 so your code is more likely to run with fewer issues.

The easiest thing to do is to simply spin up a site, add in your datasoruces and test your code out. There are tool for importing configuration from Adobe CF, but they only current support back to CF9 so you’ll need to at least add in your datasources and any mapping manually.

The quickest way to spin up a server with the latest version of Lucee is to grab the CommandBox CLI and run

box server start

in your web root.


Everything Brad said, I’d only suggest starting with the latest RC, your testing and migration is going to take a little while, so rather than battle anything already fixed since stable, I’d be testing against the 5.3.7 RC which will soon become stable.

Have a look at the issues with the acf-compat label in JIRA to see open incompatibilities between Lucee and ACF.

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Thank you for the quick response.
I do not see 5.3.6 release. what i see is @ Is that the open i have to pick?

Yes. Or the 5.3.7 RC.


Looking forward to your journey here. Please keep up posted on your progress and let us know if you run into any issues. I moved from CF9 to Lucee 5.x and am so glad I did. Lucee has been amazingly easy in which to to transition. is also a good resource for determining tag compatibility. I’m not sure if it goes back as far as CF8 but you should be able to find whatever you need there (or here in this forum!). Also, I don’t believe CF8 had much in the way of CFScript. CFScript was scary to me at first and I really shied away from it. I wish I had embraced it sooner. I’m not saying you need to rewrite existing code into cfscript but if you need to write new code, you may want to consider CFScript and use this opportunity and start learning it. The URL I shared earlier is helpful here as it shows tag syntax and script syntax and I find when you can see the code side by side like that cfscript becomes much easier to pick up.

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I downloaded “” and ran the below cmd:
It started asking the values for luceepass, …, Install Apache Connector. I have provided “yes” for “Install Apache Connector” and then “yes” for “Install modcfml”. I keep getting “The file '/usr/sbin/apachectl does not exist”.
I am using Ubuntu 18.04 for installing lucee. Currently there is no apache installed. What i read is, lucee will install apache. Am i missing anything here.

Please let me know how to overcome this. I am new to this.

Hi Madhusudhana,

The Lucee Installer does not install Apache itself, it installs the connectors that are needed to pass CFML requests from Apache to Tomcat to Lucee (your “stack”). If you want to use Apache, just install Apache on your system before you run the installer:

$ sudo apt install apache2

Then run the installer again. Should go through without issues after that.

Hope this helps and welcome to Lucee!


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Another really good resource is He’s been in the CF universe forever and switched Lucee several months back, maybe even longer. The guy posts several times a week on things that’s he’s experimenting with in Lucee. He does some pretty amazing things. If you come across an issue, more than likely Ben will have worked some type of solution.

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