FTP timeout death spiral

We have a script that does some FTP processes that is behaving strangely.
When the FTP “open” command experiences a timeout, rather than throwing an
error it seems to go into a loop that continues indefinitely. While this
continues, Lucee stops sending emails and they queue up in the
{context}\WEB-INF\lucee\remote-client\open directory. We need to restart
the Lucee service, then everything works fine until the next time the
script goes into its loop.

The attached requesttimeout.log file shows the results, which repeat every
five seconds indefinitely.

In brief, the code is as follows. The error on line 61 in the logs
corresponds to the FTP “open” command.

We’re using Lucee on Windows 2012R2.

Are we doing something wrong or is CFFTP not behaving as it should?


I forgot to mention that this behaviour only started recently and may have
co-incided with a change of our JVM from 1.7 to 1.8.0_45, which is the only
thing I can think of that may have affected our setup.