Flash Remoting bug


Is there a chance that this bug will be solved?


If not then I probably have to stick to Railo 4.04.0001.

Thanks a lot.


Hi Marcel,

If you raise it in the Lucee bug tracker (http://issues.lucee.org) and
reference the Railo issue in the ticket, then at least it is on the list!!

Kind regards,


We will take a brief look as soon you have the ticket raised, but please
have in mind that flash support has not a high priority for us and that you
are using even the older interface.
That was also supported in your version only for backward compatibility.


flex-messaging-remoting.jar META-INF/MANIFEST.MF

Implementation-Title: BlazeDS - Community Edition - Remoting Module
Implementation-Vendor: Adobe Systems Inc.

openamf-1-5-8.jar META-INF/MANIFEST.MF
Implementation-Title: OpenAMF
Implementation-Version: 1.0RC11
Implementation-Vendor: www.openamf.org

I’m a little surprised the Flash/Flex stuff hasn’t been moved from
core to an extension (like Hibernate was).

Are there any criteria for what is core vs extension?

Just a quick question re this:

Is the Flash Remoting implementation (either the old or the new AMF serialisation) based on ex-Adobe’s BlazeDS?

If not - would this maybe be an (easier) way out to provide that functionality for Lucee?


@micstriit the ticket is here:


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