Extensions missing after re-install

This is what I did:

  • Installed Lucee using the windows installer
  • Everything is running fine and I can see the extensions (MS-SQL etc.) in the admin/server.cfm
  • Now deinstalled Lucee using the window >programms> deinstallation
  • Manualy deleted the c:\lucee folder and all web-inf under the webroot
  • Now installed Lucee 4.5.1 using lucee-
  • Installation running smooth and Lucee running but under admin extensions it looks like this:

No extensions installed and MS-SQL etc. are also not avaiable ?!?

In Lucee 4.5 the database drivers, caches, etc… are built in and always there, in Lucee 5+ they are extensions and optional and therefore can be uninstalled if you are not using them.

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