Event Gateways & ERROR: sendMessage not supported

I’m trying to port over some code from CF8 to L5

The code makes use of an event gateway to trigger some async background

I’ve not been able to make existing code work yet.

I set up a simple test

I have the Gateway set up as a Task Gateway and it shows as running



status = "No"; foo = structNew(); foo.Message = "test Message"; status = SendGatewayMessage("TestGateway", foo); if (status IS "OK") WriteOutput("#foo.Message#");

Nothing is written to test.log and nothing shows in the TaskGateway.log or
Application/Exception logs.

However, the dump of #status# returns: ERROR: sendMessage not supported

Any idea what I’m doing wrong?

(disclaimer: it’s been almost 10 years since I played with this code so I
may be forgetting something fundamental…)

I’m beginning to think I’m not understanding the Lucee implementation or
that maybe gateways are only partially implemented.

First just to verify, is a “Task gateway” in L5 the same as a CFML gateway
in ACF? It seems to be.

Following this through, I get confused

SendGatewayMessage is a valid function

Looking at
SendGatewayMessage https://github.com/lucee/Lucee/blob/master/core/src/main/java/lucee/runtime/functions/gateway/SendGatewayMessage.java

it appears to do nothing but call sendMessage

Now I assume sendMessage is set up via taskgateway.cfc (It’s also found in
DirWatcher & MailWatcher)

looking at the source for
taskgateway.cfc https://github.com/lucee/Lucee/blob/master/core/src/main/cfml/context/gateway/TaskGateway.cfc

I see the error message ERROR: sendMessage not supported as the only part
of sendMessage. so it doesn’t seem to do -anything- except return the error
(in all 3 cfc’s)?

Seems to me calling the valid SendGatewayMessage can have no other result
other than returning an error.

Am I completely wrong here?>