Event Gateways and Datasources

Is there anyway to define a datasource in the event gateway code like you can in Application.cfc? We removed the data source definitions from the Lucee administrator because we are forcing our connections to use SSL and there is no option to set that through the administrator. So we edited the XML, that the Lucee admin creates, manually to include the useSSL=true and requireSSL=true in the URI, but updating the datasource through the Lucee admin overwrites those options.

Therefore, we decided to define them in Application.cfc but the event gateway is not finding them because it doesn’t appear the Application.cfc is run since there’s no environment.

You could try to create the datasource as the Other type option. it lets you write your own connection string.

The other option is to change MySQL.cfc in lucee-server/context/context/admin/dbdriver

In the fields=array(… add a comma to the end of the last one and then add:

field('Use SSL','useSSL','true,false',false,'',"radio"),
field('Require SSL','requireSSL','true,false',false,'',"radio")

You should see the options in MySQL datasource. I don’t think you can select Verify Connection though.

I didn’t even think of trying the “Other” option in Lucee admin. I’m going to go that route, because although I would love to enable useSSL and requireSSL fields in admin, I don’t want to re-enable those once we upgrade. Using the “Other” datasource type works just fine, thanks!