Escaping a Hibernate reserved word ("member") as a table name?

So “member” is a reserved word in Hibernate.

I want to use it as the name of one of my components (e.g. Member.cfc)

This maps to an existing database with the table called “members”. Primary
key is memberID.

The database is pre-existing and I don’t really want to have to rename it
if I can help it, and want to try to keep my naming scheme consistent, as
is right now the app expects a standard where the PK for any given entity
is the name of the entity plus “ID”. Table names are plural, entity names

Any ideas?

With a CFC just called Member.cfc there are intermittent errors. Renaming
this to, for example Member2.cfc fixes these errors but then I am into
other issues with my entity-PK naming convention being broken.

Using Lucee 4.5 and MySQL 5.7 on Windows 10, deploying to Railo on Linux.