Errors occur if using threads via the java concurrency framework (JCF)

Hi all,

I already started a topic on this group regarding the problem.!topic/lucee/sFKrlGPJ1Xc

But as this was a bit too specific (using the cfconcurrent framework, etc.)
and maybe heading in the wrong direction I thought it might be good to
start a new topic specifically for the problem that I encounter.

Basically the following is done:

  • ThreadPoolExecutor is created

  • a task is submitted and the request completes normal

  • the task runs fine (async in a created thread) and completes normally

  • after the task is completed some time goes by (to be more specific the
    amount of time specified in the request timeout in the lucee admin)

  • Errors show up in the requesttimeout.log as well as in the Console

Find a Mini-Test-Application attached. Just extract it somewhere in a
folder beneath the webroot and call the index.cfm. Then watch the Console
and requesttimeout.log.

I don’t understand why the request timeout kicks in as the task is already
completed. Even if the task itself running in a thread would take longer
than the request timeout, the timeout should not be applied IMHO.

It is obvious that the ThreadPoolExecutor might hold threads in a thread
pool (for reuse). That’ its job.

Did I do something wrong? Why does Lucee care about the threads and tries
to stop them?

Right now I think it’s a bug in Lucee.

Anyone has encountered the same? Are there any workarounds or ideas?

Help is very much appreciated.

Greetings from Germany,