Error with extensions after downgrading from 5.3

I upgrade to Lucee 5.3 a while back and realized it wouldn’t work for us because of the breaking change to . I used the web interface to downgrade back to and everything went fine but the extensions page gives me the error “The Extension [Axis 1 Webservices :] cannot be loaded, Lucee Version must be at least [], version is [].” and will not load anymore. I have gone through the lucee-server.xml file and removed all references and also removed the matching bundle file under the lucee-server directory. However I am still getting the error. Is there another spot I might be missing that is referencing this extension?

Hi @Yamaha32088,

In my local, I’ve upgrade the lucee from into version. Then again i downgrade it into It doesn’t throw any error when i see the list of extension under application. For 5.3 no more releases available & couldn’t able to downgrade the current version into
Note: I did the updgrade/downgrade action via admin panel.
Can you please elaborate your step for upgrading & downgrading. It’ll helpful to reproduce the issue.

I did the same thing you did.

OK. Where did you see the error? From the server UI or any other log file?

I have the pretty the same error like Yamaha32088 after downgrading from 5.3 to 5.2.
I was testing a 5.3 Alpha Version and than switched back. Never got rid of this error…

In the server UI. Same as what David just posted above, just a different extension of course.