Error while creating a remote DSN

I’m getting an error while creating a remote DSN … can anyone translate this for me please?

In Adobe ColdFusion I’ve been able to make a DSN that connects to a remote DB and does a quick update. When i try to create the same DSN in Lucee i get the following error message. TBH it might as well be in Polish or Russian for all the sense it makes for me. Can someone please tell me what it needs for me to make it work?

The job it’s doing is during my radio show. When I play a song on the show, I set a flag on teh song’s record in the SONGS table and it shows up in the playlist on the show’s website so listeners can immediately see what’s played and where they can go to buy it if they want. I need to do it this way because I might be running my show from anywhere - using my laptop to handle tasks like this. Anyway, here’s the error message i’m getting in teh Lucee Administrator when I try to set up the remote DSN …

What does MS SQLServer want me to do?

Mike Kear

To clarify: Yes i know that TLS is the system that protects data being sent over the internet. I’m just wanting to understand what’s lacking that wasn’t lacking when I did this with ACF. e.g. is it looking for a setting in the remote database? Do i need to update the remote database to new version? What’s up here?

that’s basically saying, you’re using an older JDBC driver which is using a no longer supported version of TLS, the database server you are connecting to no longer supports TLS 1.0

which version of the SQL Server Extension are you using?

Please always quote the versions of lucee, java and any relevant extensions ( in this case the SQL server extension ) when asking for help

AH!!! now that makes sense. Thank you. If I recall correctly, the extensions are the ones that were installed with the Lucee file Lucee I see that there’s an update for that version so I’ll install that and see if it installs a newer version of the MS SQL Server version as well. I already have the [org.lucee.mssql-9.4.1.jre16.lex downloaded but i dont think that’s the one that’s installed. I think the version that’s installed is mssql-8.4.1.jre16.lex but my eyesight isnt very good today. I’ll check later with a magnifier.

Now i understand what’s the problem - it’s versions And I hope i’m right that if i get them all in sync then i should be able to set up remote DSNs like I did under ACF.

Mike Kear
Windsor, NSW, Australia