Error using CFFILE READ File function - Is Not A File

Good morning,
I am getting an error I have not seen before.

When I try to use CFFILE to READ a text file into a variable, I keep getting the error message that the file is not a file.

Even though it is.

I have tried opening the file in notepad and Notepad++ and saving it with different encodings but none of that helped.

I don’t know how to resolve this problem.

Please help


it’s good to always post a stacktrace (well the first few lines) in this situation

Seems I found a solution.
I just copied the text file to the lucee folder containing the CFM files.

I had been trying to read the file from a folder on the Desktop (Windows10)

So at least I have a work around.

yeah, if lucee is running under the localsystem account, it probably won’t have access to your desktop files :slight_smile: