EntitySave: Inconsistent Behaviour

Hi, i have the following scenario:

  • I have a page with a timeout of 10 secs
  • I’m Creating a box object with entityNew, modifying it and saving it with entitySave
  • In the same page i load a box object with ormExecuteQuery, modifying it and saving it also with entitySave
  • After that i wait for 20 secs to receive a timeout
  • From the lucee console i can see that the database receives the insert statement but not the udpate statement?!

Do you have an idea why that’s the case?

My expectation was that (without doing an explicit ormflush) all objects are created/updated if the page is completed or if a timeout or an exception occurs there a no objects created/updated at all…

testSaveBox.cfm (762 Bytes)
csc_vault_boxes.cfc (808 Bytes)