Email size

Hi all,

I am getting an error in my mail log about the email file size:
mail;552 5.3.4 message size limit exceeded ;lucee.runtime.exp.NativeException: 552 5.3.4 message size limit exceeded
I am trying to send an email with a pdf attachment of about 20mb. I cannot seem to find where i can increase the size limit?
Has anyone else run into this and found a solution?

Thanks! Roy

That sounds like the email server that’s sending or receiving it rejecting the mail rather than a lucee configuration issue… So that’s where you’re going to have to change the setting if you have access to it.

Failing that, it’s probably better to host the file somewhere and send a link to it in the email…

please post the complete java stacktrace, that way we know.

please for the future, report bugs here, only bugs reported there get fixed.

i must disagree, it’s far better to initially post problems to the mailing list, than having people immediately filing bugs

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Yeah, I think a bit of triage and help and then we can add it to the bug list. @rvosmeer it’s still worth posting the stack trace here. As we can look if there are settings somewhere.

Thanks for the suggestions. The problem is indeed on the side of the mailprovider ( they allow a max size 15mb total.

Most mail systems have file size limits. The most frequent one I encountered seems to be 20MB, but sometimes as low as 5MB.
The limits may not even be on your original mail server. If the downstream mailbox has a lower limit, the sender will get a bounce message that you should probably check for somehow.

If you commonly exchange larger files, you will need to look at alternate systems to get them to destination.