Email not sending Lucee

any clues in the mail server logs?

No, not really, the mail server log does not give any useful hint:
EHLO 250
QUIT 240

Do you get an exception like the OP? The OP’s exception is occurring totally in Java.
I had something important with work and haven’t had a chance to get back to it.

Try an SMTP test program like SMTP diag first.

Enable java mail debug via a JVM argument

I couldn’t get the debug argument to work with Express under Windows. I think it is supposed to work with Services but haven’t tested.

I’ll have to add my voice to this. Same problem on anything above with a simple cfmail call to a port 25 email server. I have no hair, but I’d be tearing it out if I did.

I’m not sure what the difficulty has been in replicating and fixing this, but I can replicate with a commandbox instance on Windows running various Lucee versions and connecting to a Windows mailenable mail server - I’d be happy to set up a test mailbox on that if someone would find it useful. Still a showstopper issue in several production builds.

I was having the same issue with lucee 5.3.6.x I think it was. I downgraded to listed in the above comments and it started working again.

My issues persists in
When adding -Dmail.debug=true will there be a separate logfile written?

I think they get written out either into the tomcat logs under C:\lucee\tomcat\logs or the C:\lucee\tomcat\lucee-server\context\logs

Check the catalina-xxx.log or err.log or out.log files and report back?

Any updates to this? I’m encountering the same issue…have tried upgrading JRE and tried the RC as well , with no success.

Still no progress with
I’m a bit disappointed, that a basic feature does not get addressed.

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@Zackster @micstriit Just bumping this way so you can comment. Agree with above that it’s basic functionality that’s gotten broken sometime around . I had to downgrade as well to be able to send cfmail’s. Thanks.

Trust me, I’ve been banging on about getting this fixed for ages.

All I can suggest is making a donation to Lucee and asking for this to be prioritised.

How much of a donation? :smile: Do we know what the cause is - sounds like conflicting libraries?

my guess is a bit of that, and class loader issues, plus the javamail is quite old in lucee (1.4.7, latest is 1.6.5)

all donations help the project, often companies privately sponsor various improvements

Let me check. Testing the problem months ago, I think I was just modifying the MANIFEST.MF file in the .lco and I made javax.mail.activation jars. Let me double check how I did it and I will post instructions. You can then use a newer mail jar.

OK. Here is what I did for my CommandBox in windows. Used 7-Zip to edit file

  1. Shutdown Lucee
  2. Copy the latest lucee-server\patches .lco file somewhere to edit
  3. The .lco is zip file. Edit the META-INF\MANIFEST.MF file. (Right click and edit for 7-zip Windows)
  4. Search for javax.mail and change the bundle-version next to it from “” to “1.5.6”
    (Make sure to save the .lco with the updated MANIFEST.MF)
  5. Download my new javax.mail jar:
  6. Copy the jar to lucee-server\bundles
  7. Start Lucee.
  8. Copy the UPDATED .lco to the lucee-server\deploy folder and wait for Lucee to deploy it.
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I make monthly donations and this really is a basic necessity that we need too. How can I vote for this?

Did you see this?

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