EHCache for Session Replication

Hi Guys,

anyone using EHCache for session replication?

I was trying a lot for hours, but it does not seem to work. Here is what I have tried so far:

  • Update Lucee (5.2.4) and EHCache extension ( to current versions
  • Start 2 nodes on a windows machine
  • set this.sessionCluster = true on both Application.cfc
  • add the ehcache on both nodes with the same name and same config
    • distribution manual
    • rmi url //
    • listener, port 40003
    • on the other host vice versa
  • cache verification is ok for both nodes

Sessions are not replicated and I don’t see any errors.

Can anyone help me? If not, how do I enable debug log for the extension. The ehcache docs suggest to use slf4j, but I don’t know how this connects to lucees logging facility. I can create new logs in the lucee admin, but how do i connect them with the ehcache logs.

Thanks in advance for any help!