Editable Function / Method metadata

would love it if function metadata wasn’t static…

eg: in the same way we can get a query, but still get query.recordcount and query.columnlist (magically)…

I’d love to have

function bob() success="true" {

somebob = bob();

includedperson = "Jane";
if ( somebob.success ) {
 includedPerson = somebob;

in your example you are calling the function “bob” in this line, you do not assign it:
somebob = bob();
then “somebob” contains the return value of the function call, what is null (void) in this case.

In CFML functions are object, so that step is not necessary anyway, what you can do is this:

function bob() success=true {
writedump(bob);// see the test function (object)
meta=getMetaData(bob); // get meta data
writedump(meta); // see meta data
meta.success=false;// change meta data

meta=getMetaData(bob); // get meta data again
writedump(meta); // see meta data again WITH THE CHANGE?

BUT there seems to big a bug/difference to ACF in this case, the last dump does refelct the change made in ACF but not in Lucee, can you raise a ticket about this, so we can address this and make it work.

ok will do, but I’m suggesting a change in behaviour also, most meta is string based and read only atm, I’m suggesting that you can get access to and change any metadata via magic onMissingMethod but for functions.