Dump not working

We are facing issue with debugger screen in Ubuntu machine.
It always returns a blank screen, while using writedump() in anywhere in component nothing is coming in output (browser) even when we are using it also not returning.
When i am using writeoutput() it returns proper output on browser.
We have installed lucee version from (https://bitbucket.org/lucee/lucee/downloads/).

Don’t forget to tell us about your stack!

OS: Ubuntu 18.04
Java Version: 8
Tomcat Version: 8
Lucee Version:

Try the latest release, 4.5 is EOL

Hi Zackster, can you please help me to download the latest version of it from bitbucket (https://bitbucket.org/lucee/lucee/downloads/ ), Actually we are using chef infra to download lucee on my ubuntu machine.

@kishansingh, You can download the lucee latest version from https://download.lucee.org/

Also, to what @cfmitrah already said, here are some usefull links to consider for upgrading. You should also update Java and Tomcat to newest versions and patches.

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