Docs updates - when you don't have time!

Hey everyone,
Since I cant really help with Java internals of Lucee…

Just a reminder that I have appointed myself to the role of Lucee Docs “fixerer-upperer.”
If you come across anything in the docs that needs attention, please ping me.

Things like missing or poor examples are “my” annoyance that I want to eradicate.

But anything in the docs thats needs a tweak or even a full rewrite - please let me know.



we have some duplicate pages in docs

I don’t think we need to bother with setting up 301s

I wrote some logic which does fuzzy matching on 404s


The other thing which is super useful, (at least i think it is) is providing clear examples of closure arguments, I have updated a lot of them, but I’m sure there are some missing


@Gavin_Baumanis another thing which would be good to formally write up for docs are the following

@Samuel_W_Knowlton asked me to translate the code into a high level description in the comments for LDEV-3019

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I’m not sure if there is any documentation yet for the new json config, but that would be super helpful.

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