Dockerfile lucee/lucee52-nginx Missing Sample CFML page

Thought this issue raised on GitHub might be of more general interest… so reposting here:

Trying this container out and I am having issues. The sample page that is supposed to exist does not seem to. I get a 403 forbidden when trying to load the sample page or admin. I ssh’d in and found /var/www empty. I imagine im doing something wrong here.

My docker file is simply:

FROM lucee/lucee52-nginx:latest

And I have a docker-compose file to bring things up:

version: '3'
    build: .
     - "3000:80"
     - "3001:443"

This is by design. The container is a production “base” container. In a real-world environment you would have your own project Dockerfile that includes the base container and COPY in your code base like so:

FROM lucee/lucee51-nginx:latest

# NGINX configs (optional)
COPY config/nginx/ /etc/nginx/
# Lucee server configs (optional)
COPY config/lucee/ /opt/lucee/web/
# Deploy codebase to container
COPY www /var/www

The NGINX compound containers include the base lucee/tomcat/java container and automatically clean up the sample files therein:

By default we block access to the lucee admin as a security precaution. You can override this by commenting out this section of the NGINX config:

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