Did Lucee Drop the server.railo Alias?

  1. Lucee is supporting the variables “server.railo…” as alias for
    “server.lucee”, so code that use them, for example to check the version,
    still works. only code that does something like
    “if(server.coldfusion.productname EQ “railo”) …;” will no longer work

Source: https://groups.google.com/d/msg/lucee/cprNmzp0fw4/0aO_6Vv6b0oJ

I don’t see the server.railo alias anymore (assuming I ever saw it in the
first place):


I just undid the patch (going back to, but I don’t see
it there, either. When did it disappear?


Hi Jamie

According to this it was removed in


Prior to that it wouldn’t show up if you dumped the server scope but
you could still test for it. I think that was what was meant by it
being an “alias”.

I must say I share Tom Chiverton’s dismay on that ticket that there
was no apparent warning or discussion of the change (if there was I
missed it, and so did others). It broke some important bits of code.