Detecting if an extension is installed and installing it if not

Hi All,

Is anyone aware if it is possible, in code, to detect if an extension is installed and then, if it is not, installing it, say from a lex file you have available somewhere in your codebase?

I have a project that is dependant on a particular extension and I’m looking to move the project over to docker and therefore don’t want to have anything that isn’t configurable via the codebase, so I can quickly spin instances of the project up and down across multiple containers as required.



There’s nothing that I know of. In Docker your two options are:

  • Specify the GUID of the extension via a JVM arg (assumes the extension provider that has that extension is already added in the admin!)
  • Manually copy the lex file to the deploy dir as part of your Docker image build process

Ok, thanks, that makes sense, I’ll look at copying it to the deploy directory as part of the image build process.