DeserializeJSON performance

Does anybody have any comments or input regarding Lucee’s DeserializeJSON performance? I am curious to know if, under greater load/requests, there’s any noticeable degradation of performance to be concerned with. NOTE: I am not experiencing this right now, I’m literally just going to admit i’m being lazy and asking here before I go the route of actual load testing. =)

CONTEXT: App makes a request of a headless CMS, and receives JSON in return. That json response is then cached in .json files. Then a CFWheels app/pages will read the json file and Deserialize it for cfoutput. I’m basically just wondering if in the case of a high-traffic site, all the constant file reading and deserialization would eventually cause performance issues. I already know my secondary solution, where the highest traffic pages might be cached using CFWheels caching (RAM), but my curiosity prompted me to ask if anyone’s ever run into any performance issues with something like this.

It’s definitely faster to cache the json instead of making constant requests to the hCMS api of course, and faster still to use CFWheels caching in RAM. Just wondering if/how long I can get away with just using request-time deserialization for the majority of the pages.


I think you pretty much answered your own question there! :wink:

Indeed. Still, never know if someone ever ran into something weird so here I am lol

go and get some stats, wrap your deserialize in a

timer type="outline" {

then look at the overall request time and figure out if that’s your slowest code

Good advice. I will make time to do that soon and pass back some results if I can.