Deploying functions defined in .fld while developing

I am writing an extension that adds a couple new functions using the .fld file. However I am wondering how I can get Lucee to see these functions while developing the extension without packaging everything up and deploying it every time. I am using eclipse and Jetty, right now I can create the .java class files and have them picked up right away but when I create the .fld file it isn’t recognized by Lucee. The only way I was able to get Lucee to see them is to use my core development environment and add them to the core-base.fld which I am certain isn’t the right way to do it.

Ok so I think I figured out a way that seems a little better but I am curious if anyone else has a better way. Basically I copied my custom .fld file into the WEB-INF/lucee/library/fld folder and restarted Jetty and then it was picked up.


You can deploy your FLD file to


for server-wide deployment, or


for a web context deployment.

That should work for both development and production.

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