Deploy Lucee in Azure Webapps

Here is a recent article that I just discovered about deploying Coldfusion with .war file in Azure webapps.

Does anyone have any experience deploying Lucee on Azure WebApps?

I am going to try to build a CI/CD flow today based on this article. A long time ago I found these instructions, but never tried them:

The Railo and Lucee setup should be virtually identical. I’ll let you know how it goes. I’m using Bitbucket Pipelines to build and deploy the WAR, I will share the configuration as well when I get it working.

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FYI. I have worked through All in the idiosyncrasy of deploying a Lucee App to Azure Webs Apps. I have even created a lite CI\CD flow to automaticly deploy my app to azure webapps on commit to a git repo. (Now I’m looking at moving from my home grown system on Jenkins)

If any ones interested just ping me. Overall I’ve very happy with the Azure workflow and the scale it can give your apps.


@psome and @Clayton_Davis If either or both of you could document how you set up your flow (for a newbie) that would really be appreciated.


I was able to look at this again, and I made the following observations:

  1. I wasn’t able to deploy on Web App with just a WAR, the CGI PATH_INFO variable was not being passed to Lucee and therefore things like pretty URLs weren’t working. Anyone (@psome) have a solution for this?

  2. I deployed the lucee/lucee52 Docker image to Web App for Containers. This seems to work well as long as you create your own Dockerfile with EXPOSE 8888 and add an app setting WEBSITE_PORTS=8888 to point Azure in the right direction. This image doesn’t open port 8888 by default so you have to do it yourself. This gave me the full PATH_INFO but I still can’t configure redirects, rewrites, etc like I do on native IIS; an alternative is to run lucee/lucee52-nginx and let nginx handle it. The actual web server running in Web App on Linux seems to be some cut down version of IIS running on Mono, and I don’t see a way of using web.config files with it.

  3. My feeling is that we will actually move to Kubernetes on Azure (the new AKS service). It will afford us the necessary flexibility at lower cost without having to do full IaaS.

Hi there, I’ve got Lucee working by installing it alongside with tomcat on the D: drive. Unfortunately it’s not very stable. I’d love to see how you have it setup.