Creating Rich Forms in CFML

Hi, I’m hoping to learn a bit more about creating rich forms in CFML. I’m mainly looking for some examples for coding purposes. I found the following link from Adobe
But I can’t seem to find any extra info or whether these features are still valid, so I wondered if anyone could point me in the right direction?

Avoid them, use modern, client side frameworks.

Hi Zac, (sorry for being a bit slow regarding this). Do you have any examples of client side frameworks I can use with CF? Are you referring to Javascript forms?

Yep, use JavaScript and CSS. The rich form stuff is ancient, unloved and inflexible.

Here’s a guide written about moving in this direction

You still generate your html via cfml and do all the backend with cfml, just use the much more modern and flexible JavaScript approach.

Thanks Zac - that is much appreciated!