Contributing to Lucee

I wanted to know how do people contribute to Lucee, is there an existing documentation on how to run lucee on your local machine in Development mode. I could find a document but that lists only how to build Lucee. There is no information about how to run/deploy it on your local environment and do debugging.

If anyone has information, can you please list down the details or any doc reference.


There was thread about this going back a month or so?

Yeah, although it doesn’t seem so there are good details in this thread:

Basically you have to get it all running (I usually use Eclipse, but YMMV) and also check out this project:

It has a class that you can run everything within Eclipse/IDE and you can debug and create your tests etc:


Thanks for the details Mark, really appreciate your response, i checked the other thread as well and got the context about debugging. Just want to check if i can get a bit details on running and debugging Lucee.

My simplistic use-case is to run a cfm file and debug the code-base of Lucee.

Looking at the project it looks like i have to start Lucee separately on port 8080 and run the cfms/.lucee extension files by creating a context.

Just wanted to check if i am missing anything here. It would have been great if the owner of the could have some instructions on how to run a simple cfms/.lucee extension file.

Also it would be great to know from the contributors on how do people contribute to Lucee. Which IDEs are they using to verify the changes that have been done are correct or not?

Any information on unit tests framework or any other debugging framework that contributors use would be highly useful.


You can find all the unit tests for Lucee here

in terms of approach, if you’re adding new core functionality, it’s best to raise it first on the mailing list
before starting so that you know your efforts will be accepted and you can benefit from the input of other developers.

in terms of filing pull requests once you have something ready to merge

  • bug fixes usually for current 5.2.x branch
  • new functionality for 5.3 branch

Also should be noted that before you ask for pull requests you should sign the Contributor Agreement. Which the github bot will ask you for, you can get more info here: